Post your Manga

Users who enjoyed your manga can show their support and rate it by using the Support Button.
After receiving many good reviews, your work will move up in level.

If your work moves up in level, you can receive different incentives from the administrators.

Translate into Another Language

Manga picked by administrators can be translated into English, traditional Chinese, and other various languages as an incentive.

Users outside of your country can also view your work.

Transition to Animation

If your work moves up in level, voice, music, and direction will be added to create a "Motion Comic".

With the launch of the dubbing app "SAY-U", people from around the world can hear your work come to life.

Deliver your work to the world!!

Animated works can be delivered to the world through the smart phone app "SAY-U" and on ENSOKU's official channel on YouTube.

Motion comic production takes 1-2 months.
For motion comic production, manga manuscript data must be a PSD file.
When creating a motion comic, the manga may be edited at the company's discretion.