Notice of termination of service

To all creators and users.
We thank you for enjoying ENSOKU-MANGA.

ENSOKU-MANGA which has been widely used since 2014 will be closing its service for various factors.
We deeply appreciate your support provided since it started.

We are terribly sorry that we have to announce the end of the service at a short notice.
I would appreciate your understanding on this matter.

The date of the end of the service:At noon, June, 30th, 2017(JST)
※We will be also closing YouTube channel and you won’t be able to see animated videos thereafter.

In addition, we will responsively eliminate personal information we acquired from registered members and posted scripts right after the service terminates, and won’t make secondary use thereafter.

We again, would like to express our gratitude to users who have supported our service. .

May 31st, 2017
Team Ensoku-Manga

Frequently asked questions

  • About the account
    • Q: I haven't received the address confirmation email or password reset email.
    • A: Please check if your case fits into the following possible causes. Then try a password reset or an address confirmation after a 30-minute interval or more.
      • May not be set up to accept "" domain
      • Incoming Email may be delayed due to a connection problem.
      • Possibility of going into the spam folder, etc.
      • Possibly exceeding the capacity of inbox or mail server
      • You may have registered a different Email address.
      • Email account may be different from the registered one.
    • Q: What should I do if forget my password?
    • A: Confirm here. Reset password
  • About posting
    • Q: Is there any condition for posting?
    • A: You need to sign up with your email address.
    • Q: Can I upload files from my smartphone?
    • A: It is possible.
    • Q: Please tell me about the details of the files I can post.
    • A:
      Image format
      PNG or JPG only. JPG is recommended for color image data.
      Cover image, frontispiece, additional image
      Width 800px/height 600px recommend
      Images will be displayed clearly when they have the same horizontal to vertical ratio.
      横 800px〜1200px
      Height: within 20000px
      The number of sheets you can post: one for each episode
    • Q: Does it support the horizontal view mode as normal comics?
    • A: No, it doesn't since the viewer is only optimized for the vertical view mode.
    • Q: Is there a length limit for one episode?
    • A: Basically it is up to you, but we recommend 1 to 10 frames. *If your work contains too many frames, we might not be able to translate it or convert to motion comics.
    • Q: May I post a work selling to other companies or at comic markets?
    • A: It is possible if there are no copy right problems.
    • Q: Is a color work OK or is it black-and-white only?
    • A: No.
    • Q: Is it possible to revise files after they are uploaded?
    • A: It is possible.
  • About Level
    • Q: What is a "level "?
    • A: It shows a quantified figure of the popularity of episodes.
    • Q: What makes the level go up?
    • A: If readers take one of the cheering actions as mentioned below to an episode, it gets more experience points and its level goes up.
      "Read comics" "Want to read next" "Write comments" "Share it on SNS"
      "I want to see further", "Write a comment" and "Share through social media" functions require log-in.
    • Q: What happens if the level goes up?
    • A: You can receive prizes when you reach a specific level. Learn more in the prize section.
  • About prize
    • Q: What is a "PRIZE"?
    • A: They are incentives given by the management office to episodes when they reach a certain level.
    • Q: What kind of prize can I receive?
    • A: These things below are available.
      • Episodes multilingual translations (English, traditional Chinese)
      • Motion comic adaptation + Release on the application "SAY-U"
      • Shown on the ENSOKU-MANGA recommendation section
      and so on
    • Q: What level should I reach to get a prize?
    • A: We cannot disclose that. But, we notify on the creator screen when you get a prize.
      Also it will be shown in the top page Carousel in real time.
  • About translation
    • Q: Can you re-translate my work if I modify it?
    • A: Basically, translation can only be done once. We don't accept any addition or revision after the translation is done.
  • About Ranking
    • Q: What are "Popular" and "Hot"?
    • A: Popularity is the overall ranking of the works.
      "Hot" shows each episode's spike in popularity in ranking format.
    • Q: What does "RECOMMEND" mean?
    • A: It is one of the prizes. Episodes reaching a certain level will be displayed. The order is not ranking-based. They will be displayed as each episode reaches the level.
  • About PC environment
    • Q: What technical environment is required to post files?
    • A: Verified its operation with the following environment.
      • Windows Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer11
      • Mac OSX 10.9/Chrome, FireFox, Safari
  • About resigning
    • Q: I'd like to withdraw from membership.
    • A: Please go to the withdrawal page. Resigning page *Log in needed
  • Contact info

      In some cases, it may take a few days to reply or we cannot reply.